Specialist Cleaning Services

Human Waste

(Excreta, Urine, Hepititus B/C & Blood)

Spraying / Dis-infestation

(Ants, Bed-Bugs, Bees, Fleas, Cockroaches & Wasps)

Our contracts

We offer two types of general service contract, clicking on the specific link will take you to the page dealing with that subject.

One is structured to cover premises such as a small corner shop, old persons homes, small businesses, and domestic dwellings etc. This service complies with all regulations, but is less intense and is known as The Standard Cover Contract.

The other service is formulated on the basis that some of the responsibility is incumbent on the customer carrying out the recommendations of the technician, but also the monitoring, treatment and follow up procedures are a great deal more intense. The type of premises this would apply to would be companies who supply supermarkets, food production premises, in fact any type of premises where the final product is sold to the public. This service is known as Pest Extra.

The two types of contract above cover Rats and Mice, but if other problems come up these can be added to the contract as discussed. Once cured that item can be removed from the contract, or remain on the contract for monitoring purposes...It's up to You.