Here is a selection of the main services that we offer:


Cockroaches are insidious creatures and at the same time are thought to carry several diseases, though this isn't entirely proven, given the chance cockroaches can multiply alarmingly and very soon get out of control.

Because of their nature, it is very difficult for the man in the street to identify where the main problem is coming from, also successful treatment of cockroaches demands an expertise which only comes with training and experience.

The insecticides necessary for the successful treatment of cockroaches are not available to the general public, as there are stringent regulations as regards pesticides. It wouldn't do for everybody to be splashing the stuff all over the place, always remember if you spray something down it will always kill None-Target species if it isn't applied correctly

Initially cockroach control is intensive and needs to be followed up regularly, once control is attained the residual spray needs to be kept active, thus killing any young emerging from the eggs (spray does not kill eggs).

Even in this day and age there still seems to be a stigma attached to having cockroaches and all our contracts are carried out in the strictest confidence.

>>     FLIES

Flies are an everyday fact of life, but that doesn't mean that you have to put up with them, in fact the control and exclusion of flies in certain situations is required under law.

We specialize in all aspects of fly control, fly screens, barrier spraying and electronic fly killers.

Some types of fly problem require treating on a regular basis, flies such as cluster fly which hibernate in roof spaces, but come down into the house if the weather warms up, this can be a very big nuisance and not very pleasant.

Flies are in all types of situations: Farms, Piggerys, Cafes, Shops and Factories, in fact anywhere you can think of and control is always desirable.

Whatever the situation we can deal with it at a competitive price. 

>>     ANTS

There are all sorts of ants, garden ants, pharaohs ants and argentine ants just to start with. What is certain is that all the different species require different types of treatment to control them, if the wrong treatment is applied to certain species all it will do is fragment the nest, and eventually the problem will multiply.

Our technicians are trained to recognize the species of ant, and apply the correct treatment accordingly. Usually this applies mainly to garden ants, which can be a nuisance if they get into the wrong areas. A treatment contract of 4 times per annum during the summer months will alleviate this problem and give peace of mind. Sometimes however ants can be active thought the year, especially in premises which are centrally heated, in these cases contracts can be formulated to cover this eventuality.

>>     WASPS

No matter who you are, pest controller or not, everybody ducks and dives when wasps are about. If you are just walking about outside or having a picnic then its not too bad, but if you have a nest in the roof-space or chimney breast, and the insects are gaining access to the house... that's another matter.

People say... Oh! its not too bad... I can knock it down with a stick... or... I poured petrol on it, well fair enough, but when you get full mature wasps nests in the middle of September, which can contain anything from 5 to 20,000 wasps, that's another situation completely.

Anybody who pokes a stick at a nest as big as the above is either very brave or very silly.

Our technicians are fully trained to deal with all types of situations as regards wasps and, they have the correct equipment with which to facilitate a satisfactory outcome.


People don't generally realise how much of a pest birds can be, and all in all the subject can be very delicate to broach because of the general attitude to birds.

Nevertheless, birds such as pigeons, starlings, house sparrows and some species of gulls are a major nuisance.

These species must be controlled because they can spread disease, they foul our environment when they are present in large numbers.  This can present a Health and Safety issue in that a lot of people slip and fall on the fouling.  This in turn can then result in litigation and a lot of expenditure.

If present in large numbers on buildings, their droppings cause rapid deterioration in the building integrity.  Again this can lead to unnecessary expenditure.

We specialise in proofing of buildings by various means; this could be netting, use of sprung wires, bird repellent and point control;.  It all depends on the amount of bird pressure on your premises.


Everybody rubs their hands when summer comes, but we all know that with summer comes the dreaded cat an dog fleas..human fleas are quite rare by the way...and then we start to get bitten.  I have seen carpets that are bouncing when I have walked in.

Treatment of fleas requires a very good knowledge of the animal, it's no good just dowsing the pooch with loads of insecticide, which they won't appreciate because it burns their skin, there are all sorts of areas where fleas can harbour and they all need treating.  Miss one area and the problem will come back.  We'll get rid of the dog, everybody says, wrong, if you get rid of the animal the fleas will be all the more disposed to jump onto you.  

Phew that's OK then..but what are those blood spots on the sheets, I don't remember scratching myself, is it off you darling.... Nooo, you've got bed bugs.  Let's get one thing straight, having bed bugs does not mean that you are dirty or anything like that.  Bed bugs can easily be picked up by staying in a hotel or hostel or wherever.  It only needs one female carrying eggs to get into your suitcase, then home you come with your passenger and before you know it you have a problem.

This is a  problem that definitely needs expert treatment, and I'm afraid that it can work out rather expensive due to the amount of preparation that has to be used.


Squirrels are great when they are in the trees, all gamboling about and being fluffy and the kids love them and aren't they cute..ok...ok.

But...if you get one or two squirrels into your roof-space you will think that the world has come to an end.  They do a tremendous amount of damage and make a terrible racket.

There are various things to do when treating for squirrels, so don't try to do it yourself, you might end up coming through the ceiling.  Leave it to us, we are the experts and we know precisely what to do and there are a lot of laws covering this particular pest.


Casual intruders are those animals such as slugs , snails, woodlice etc.  Whilst actually not classified as pests, they can certainly come into that category if they are continually coming into your house.

Imagine that nice scarlet carpet that you fitted last week, you come downstairs one morning to find slug trails all over the carpet, you're not happy and you can't figure out how they got in.  Worse still is when you find these trails every morning.

It can drive you silly, but CES can deal with the problem.


Proofing is what it says, it is making a premises proof against the ingress of pests, the only thing is that there is  different types of proofing for different pests.

We have access to all types of specially prepared materials which are specially designed to carry out the various types of proofing.

If you have a pest problem then contact us and whilst we are treating the pests we can also undertake to proof the buildings, and the cost isn't too bad either, in fact we are very competitive.


Fly control is an important aspect of pest control and one that should be taken seriously.

In areas where there is risk of food contamination or in areas where goods are at a pre-packing stage, then fly killers should be installed as a precautionary measure.

Fly killers are the last line of defence, and ideally, should be used in conjunction with fly screens, strip curtains and barrier spraying.

The machine we offer (picture above) is of very good quality, and easy to maintain and clean.

The wavelength of UV light given out is very attractive to flying insects and as long as the tubes are changed every year the machine will always operate at optimum levels.