Here are details of the differing contract options that we offer:

>>     Standard Cover.

The Standard Cover service is precisely what it says; it is a service which is affordable, which gives peace of mind and which is tailored to your needs. Our representative will visit your house or premises and carry out a free survey...yes, a free survey... no hidden fees.

Upon completion of the survey there will be a discussion with yourselves to fully inform you of the situation and the actions which need to be carried out to control and eradicate the problem. Included in this discussion will be a full disclosure of all the fees, and what you will get in return.

A contract can be structured in many ways. The number of visits can be anything from 4 to 44 per annum, and the pests covered will be precisely those which need to be covered, and not a lot of extras, it all depends on what you want and need.

Our costs are reasonable and though they are well below the rates which international companies will charge, the expertise of our technicians is of the same standard, so why pay more, and don't forget we are a company local to Cumbria and as such our response times in this area are unmatched.

When the contract is installed and our technicians are carrying out service, they will discuss with you such things as progress and the degree of infestation, and at the same time a written report will be raised every time they do a visit. This report is kept in a folder on your premises so that you can refer to it at any time.

>>     Pest Extra.

Pest Xtra is our premium service. It is tailored to meet your every need, but at the same time it does put some of the onus back on the customer in that they should carry out the recommendations which our technicians or field biologist may make.

The requirements of supermarkets, superstores and the Food Hygiene Regulations are very stringent, in fact the maximum fine under the Food Regulations can be as much as £20,000, per offence, and allied with the fine is the extremely bad publicity which accompanies the newspaper headlines.

The service is based around a minimum contract for rats and mice at a frequency of 8 visits per annum. This is necessary, as the breeding cycle of rodents ( 3 months ) dictates the number of visits. If other pests are present on site these would be contracted for separately. The service also includes a visit by a field biologist if required, partially as a quality assurance but mainly an in-depth inspection which may reveal other problems that haven't already been noted.

Reporting is a necessity and must be very accurate, especially as large premises are open to outside audits. The report folder contains all the material needed to comply with Royal Society for the Promotion of Health (Pest Control) and National Pest Technicians Association standards. Firstly a check-list showing every bait station, fly killer, sharps unit, insect detector and perimeter bait. Allied with the check-list is a full plan of the site showing again all the above. Sections are provided for the technicians report, field biologists report, customer recommendations/actions, COSHH ( including safety data sheets ), risk assessment etc.

Again there is no charge for a survey and we are not here to sell additions to the basic contract that you don't need.

If a problem is found on your site, the technician will follow-up as often as necessary until the site is clear. If your present pest control company doesn't give you this standard of service CALL US.